Information For Reviewers

Electronic Review Instructions

Go to

Log in with your username and password (in the email you were sent from the journal).

Top middle of the screen there is a tab labeled Tasks with a number next to it.  Click on Tasks.  It will show that there is a Review pending.

Click on the Blue Review Pending.  This takes you to the information about the article to be reviewed.

Step 1. Request

Scroll down towards the bottom. 

The scheduled due dates will be listed for a response and review date.  If you agree to review click Accept Review, Continue to Step #2 or you may Decline Review request in the same area. 

Make sure that you have checked the box “Yes, I agree to have your data collected and stored according to the Policy Statement” – we do not release data on you for any other purpose.

Step 2. Guidelines

These guidelines are here as well as in announcements.  Once you have read the guidelines click Continue to Step # 3

Step 3.  Download & Review

This will bring up the questions you need to answer with Likert Scale responses about the manuscript.

At the bottom of the page, there is an area to upload the files that you would like the editor and/ or author to consult.  This will include any revised versions of the original review file(s).

Below that is the recommendations area.  Use the pull-down menu to choose your recommendation for the article ** Critical Step

See Next Page

Once you have added all the information click Submit Review and confirm your submission.

Step 4. Completion

In the completion section, you will be given a confirmation that your review was submitted. 

Thank you for reviewing this manuscript. Please let me know if you have any questions about reviewing manuscripts with the electronic manuscript management system or if you are having any issues logging in, uploading materials, etc. at

Pam Stewart Fahs, Ph.D., FAAN, Editor–In–Chief

Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care