Nurse Recruitment and Retention in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador Communities: The Experiences of Healthcare Managers


  • Mark Aylward Eastern Health
  • Alice Gaudine Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Lorna Bennett Memorial University of Newfoundland



Nurse recruitment and retention in rural Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) can prove to be a challenge for rural healthcare managers due to a variety of issues and factors. The characteristics of rural communities along with vast nursing shortages throughout Canada and the world can certainly contribute to those challenges. Research on the topic of nurse recruitment and retention in rural NL is limited, particularly from the perspective of rural healthcare managers. The purpose of this study is to explore and describe the experiences of rural NL healthcare managers contending with nurse recruitment and retention by using a qualitative descriptive design and using content analysis to analyze the data. The findings were categorized to outline barriers and facilitators to nurse recruitment and retention. Implications for further research on this topic are discussed, as well as implications for nursing practice and education

Author Biography

  • Mark Aylward, Eastern Health
    Mental Health Nurse Case Manager
    Eastern Health