Rural Nursing In Singapore


  • Desley Hegney The University of Western Australia



Greetings to all of you from tropical Singapore. Many of you will not have realised that I moved from Australia to Singapore in March this year. In many ways I could no longer consider myself to be ‘rural’ living in a highly urbanised Asian city of 4.5million people. It is really every rural nurse’s dream – one huge shopping centre. Really there is not much more to do here than shop and eat. Exercise is a challenge as it is hot (about 24C in the morning and gets up to 34C in the evening) and humid. But it does rain a lot (which is a refreshing change from Australia) and everything is green. No drought or water shortage, though they do not waste water either. Of course, we are only a bridge and a causeway from Malaysia or a boat ride to Indonesia. Many Singaporeans go to Indonesia and Malaysia daily to play golf, shop or visit one of the lovely resorts.

Author Biography

Desley Hegney, The University of Western Australia

Head, Discipline of Nursing

School of Population Health

and Professor and Chair of Nursing Research, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth