Progression Rates Among Rural Junior-I Pre-licensure Nursing Students Using a Math Academic Coaching Program


  • Kellie LaVaun Middleton Francis Marion University
  • Tracy P George Francis Marion University
  • Kate Jones University of South Carolina
  • Sarah Kershner Francis Marion University
  • Robyn Morgan Francis Marion University


Purpose: Math competency is a content area in which some rural pre-licensure baccalaureate nursing students struggle, contributing to lower completion rates. The purpose of this project was to determine if a Math Academic Coaching Program (MACP) can increase first semester nursing student success with math proficiency in medication dosage calculations.

Sample: First semester Bachelor of Science nursing students at a rural, public university in the Southeastern United States participated in this study.

Method: Six online learning modules were provided. A quantitative, quasi-experimental approach was used to measure successful completion of the Medication Dosage Competency Exam (MDCE) and Junior-I progression using frequency distributions and means to compare MACP group to the traditional teaching math group. Participation was voluntary.

Findings: The MACP improved MDCE scores and progression rates compared to previous semesters of students who did not complete the MACP.

Conclusion: The MACP was an effective way to teach math skills to rural first-semester nursing students, assist them in success in the MDCE, and increase patient safety through proper medication calculations and dosing.

Keywords: nursing students, drug dosage calculations, academic success, rural nursing education


Author Biographies

  • Kellie LaVaun Middleton, Francis Marion University


    Assistant Professor of Nursing and Skills Laboratory Coordinator

    School of Health Sciences

  • Tracy P George, Francis Marion University

    Associate Professor of Nursing, Coordinator of Bachelor of General Studies Program and J. L. Mason Endowed Chair,  School of Health Sciences

  • Kate Jones, University of South Carolina

    Associate Professor, Program Director for Post Master's DNP (APRN & NEL) and MSN Nursing Administration, and Interim Program Director: MSN & CGS Nursing Informatics, College of Nursing

  • Sarah Kershner, Francis Marion University

    PhD, MPH
    Chair of the Department of Healthcare Administration, and Associate Professor,  School of Health Sciences,

  • Robyn Morgan, Francis Marion University

    Coordinator of Special Events and Community Affairs