Vol 11, No 1, (2011)

Table of Contents


Farewell PDF
Jeri W Dunkin 1
Thank You PDF
Pamela Stewart Fahs 2
Smoking in Rural Pregnant Women a Call to Action PDF
Marilyn Cooper Handley 3-7


The Life Events of Adolescents: Implications for Rural School Nurses PDF
Kathryn R Puskar, Beth R Grabiak, Dianxu Ren 8-16
Accessing Heart Health: A Northern Experience PDF
Katherine Timmermans, Ellen Rukholm, Isabelle Michel, Lisa Seto Nielsen, Jennifer Lapum, Robert P Nolan, Jan E Angus 17-36
Canadian Rural Women’s Experiences with Rural Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners PDF
Beverly D Leipert, Jessica Wagner Delaney, Dorothy Forbes, Cheryl Forchuk 37-53
Nurse Recruitment and Retention in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador Communities: The Experiences of Healthcare Managers PDF
Mark Aylward, Alice Gaudine, Lorna Bennett 54–69
Obesity Risk Factors for Women Living in the Appalachian Region: An Integrative Review PDF
Tara O’Brien, Laura A Talbot 70–79
Health Needs Assessment and Nurse-Led Health Care Services of a Small Island Community: Methodology and Results of a Pilot Study of the Health Status of Residents of Stewart Island, New Zealand PDF
Jessica Haydon-Clarke, Eileen McKinlay, Helen Moriarty 80-89
Reducing Rural Youth Substance Abuse by Educating Parents Through Nontraditional Technology-Based Methods: A Focus On Parental Acceptance of the Online Parenting Wisely Program
Jason A. Gregg

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