Vol 13, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Becoming a Published Author in the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care PDF
Pamela Stewart Fahs 1-3


“You have to rely on everyone and they on you”: Interdependence and the team-based rural nursing preceptorship PDF
Olive J. Yonge, Florence Myrick, Linda Ferguson, Quinn Grundy 4-25
Differences and Similarities in Rural Residents’ Health and Cardiac Risk Factors PDF
Florence M. Weierbach, Bernice Yates, Melody Hertzog, Bunny Pozehl 26-49
Physical Activity and Muscular Strengthening in Pregnancy: A Comparison Between Rural and Urban Women PDF
Elaine S. Marshall, Bridget Melton, Helen Bland, Jacquelyn Nagle 50-65
A Rural Community Translation of a Dementia Caregiving Intervention PDF
Leisa R Easom, Gayle Alston, Ryan Coleman 66-91
C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP), Diet, and Physical Activity in Rural Women PDF
Margaret Pribulick, Pamela Stewart Fahs, Gale Spencer, Theresa N. Grabro, Steve Wiitala 92-126
A DNP Nurse-Managed Hepatitis C Clinic, Improving Quality of Life for Those in a Rural Area PDF
Virginia P. Krebbeks, Vivian M Cunningham 127-148

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