Vol 12, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Editorial Rural Nurse Leaders: Who Are They? What Have They Done? Saying Goodbye To One And Moving On To Honor Others PDF
Pamela Stewart Fahs 1-2


Rural Professional Isolation: An Integrative Review PDF
Martha A. Williams 3-10
Parental Perception of Their Child’s Weight Status and Associated Demographic Factors PDF
Jill D Cochran, William A. Neal, Lesley A. Cottrell, Christa L. Ice 11-29
Relationships among Functional Health Literacy, Asthma Knowledge and the Ability to Care for Asthmatic Children in Rural Dwelling Parents PDF
Evelyn L. Hoover, Carolyn S. Pierce, Gale A. Spencer, Mary X Britten, Martha Neff-Smith, Gary D James, Sarah H. Gueldner 30-40
Jason Allen Gregg 41-50
Urban-rural differences for health promotion in faith-based organizations PDF
Melissa Bopp, Benjamin L Webb, Elizabeth A Fallon 51-63
The Effect of Evidence Based Practice on Workplace Empowerment of Rural Registered Nurses PDF
Catherine V. Belden, Joan Leafman, Guy Nehrenz, Patricia Miller 64-76
Healthy Aging in Place: Supporting Rural Seniors’ Health Needs PDF
Juanita R. Bacsu, Bonnie Jeffery, Shanthi Johnson, Diane Martz, Nuelle Novik, Sylvia Abonyi 77-87
Mothers’ Concerns about Children’s Exposure to Pesticide Drift in the Red River Basin of the North: A Novel Application of Photovoice PDF
Maggie Stedman-Smith, Patricia M. McGovern, Cynthia J. Peden-McAlpine, Linda R. Kingery, Kathryn J. Draeger 88-101
Rural Nursing: Searching for the State of the Science PDF
Martha A. Williams, Jill A. Andrews, Karen L Zanni, Pamela S Stewart Fahs 102-117

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