Vol 5, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor: Quality Health Care for Rural Residents PDF
Jeri W Dunkin 1-2
“Bloom Where You Are Planted” (Author Unknown) PDF
Kathy Crooks 3-4
Report from Australia PDF
Desley Hegney 5-6
Winds of Change in Nursing Education PDF
Marietta Stanton 7
Violence and Violence Prevention in Rural America PDF
Molly Nolan 9-11


Characteristics of Rural Women Who Attended a Free Breast Health Program PDF
Adrianne J. Lane, Madeleine Martin 12-27
Health Promotion Behaviors of Rural Women with Heart Failure PDF
Carolyn S. Pierce 28-37
Chronically Ill Rural Women’s Views of Health Care PDF
Clarann Weinert, Allene Littell Whitney, Wade Hill, Shirley Cudney 38-52
Web-based Graduate Education in Rural Nursing Case Management PDF
Marietta Stanton, Carolyn Crow, Ruby Morrison, Diane J. Skiba, Todd Monroe, Gina Nix, Valeria Gooner 53-63
Spotlight on Rural Nurses: Implications for a New Nursing Discipline in Jordan PDF
Karen Francis, Hani Nawafleh, Ysanne Chapman 64-72
Understanding Physical Activity Patterns of Rural Canadian Children PDF
Hope Bilinski, Karen M. Semchuk, Karen Chad 73-82
Faith Communities and Breast/Cervical Cancer Prevention: Results of a Rural Alabama Survey PDF
Linda L. Dunn, JoAnn Oliver, Margaret A. Lyons 83-92

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